Dancing under the Oak Tree – Nightlong MM Ceremony

Just as our ancestors did for ages when the Sun was at his highest point in the Sky, we gather around the Oak Tree to dance, to pray, to dream and to give thanks in this Movement Medicine Ceremony. It will happen in a tent on a grassland situated on an ancient Celtic sacred site in the South of Holland. The Oak Tree planted for this ceremony will be at the centre of our ceremonial space as a representation of the Tree of Life.

The ceremony provides a profoundly healing, catalytic and magical space where each individual is encouraged to find their own unique way of expressing their dreams and love for life through the dance. It’s an opportunity to spend some time remembering that our own personal wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of the planet, and to dedicate our dance to all our relations, past, present and future. This ceremony is grounded in the Movement Medicine teachings which are all represented in the Movement Medicine mandala.

On Saturday we will start with an opening dance-session, to connect with the land and each other. After lunch, we will prepare ourselves and the ceremonial space. The actual ceremony will last for 12 hours, from Saturday late afternoon till Sunday Morning around dawn. After a good sleep, there will be a closing session, in which we take time for intergration.


Date/Time:  24 & 25 of June 2017. We start our first session on Saturday at 11:00 am. Please be there at 10:00.  Ceremony will be from Sat 5 pm till Sun 5 am. Closing session will end at 14:30 on Sunday

Venue: De Denneboom, Gestelseweg 14, 5481 XD  Schijndel, South Netherlands

Booking: Booking for this ceremony is required. Please send an email to: info@maroldemmelkamp.nl

Price: € 121 if booked and paid before 1st of June 2017. € 150 thereafter.

Language: English if there are participants who don´t understand Dutch. Otherwise Dutch.

Food: There will be soup and salad for lunch, both on Saturday & Sunday. Please bring you own breakfast for Sunday morning (and Saturday morning if you arrive on Friday). During the ceremony we will fast

Sleeping: Between the ceremony and the final session there is time for sleeping. You can come camping & set up your own tent or sleep in the ceremonial tent. If you wish,  you can arrive at Friday evening and sleep in your own tent.