The Force from the Source (English)

Voor Nederlands, volg deze link

A Movement Medicine Weekend Intensive (ceremony included) to liberate, embody and enjoy your sexual energy and dedicate it to a soulful life.

Sexual energy is the source of life. It is inspiration, potency and manifestation all in one. It is the essence of our fertility and creativity. It stimulates our sensuality and aliveness. It is physical, it is sacred, it is divine and it is innocent. It makes us feel more alive and gives us energy. Sexual energy is the divine nature of life that moves through us. It is the unison of body, heart and mind, dancing together with the creative power of life itself. It is the force from the source.

This Movement Medicine Intensive guides you to take the next step in healing your relationship with your sexual energy, to embody your sexual energy and to use it as it always was intended to be, as a source for vitality, creativity and joy. Unhindered by the past, you learn how to use your sexual energy as the vital force for healing in this area and let it be the fundament for health, happiness and playfulness in every area of your life.

In this workshop:
– You will get to know your sexual energy in both her divine wildness and tender freedom. Through the Movement Medicine practice you will learn how to embody your sexual energy in an inspired way.
– We will explore the dance between Yin and Yang and how our sexual energy moves between these polarities.
– We will use the Movement Medine S.E.E.R.-ritual (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval) to retrieve different energies that have been lost or got stucked in the past. Through this, we will be able to tap (more) into our Yin-power,  Yang-power and sexual energy in the present and use it to fuel our lives.
– We will enter ceremony to invite healing for our personal relationship with our sexual energy; to let go of shame and guilt around our sexuality and learn, step by step, how to dedicate our sexual energy for an empowered, creative and meaningful, soulful life.

This is powerful shamanistic work, rooted in the Movement Medicine Mesa. Nudity and intimate touch are NOT part of this workshop.
After the weekend you will receive a recorded and guided version of the S.E.E.R. ritual. This can be helpful if you want to continue the process of retrieving sexual energy from the past at home.

In 2024, this workshop is held in
Utrecht | 14, 15, 16 June | Language: Dutch | Follow link for more info
Antwerpen | 5, 6, 7 July | Language: English | Follow link for more info