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Prayers of Ecstacy
This mix is from the first half of the Movement Medicine Ceremony “Prayers of Ecstacy”, August 2018. As a stand alone, it is a perfect mix to practise and dance at home. It offers the possibility to awaken your dancer and being danced by the powers of Yin, Yang, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. This mix is non-guided. So, as a dancer, use the first four tracks to awaken your dancer and then let yourself breath in the sound and the energy of each of these powers, and find out how it moves in and through your body, heart and mind.


Playlist Prayers of Ecstacy 1. People – Afterlife 2. Father King (Catching Flies Remix) – Emancipator 3. The next step – Rishi & Harshil 4. Omat Odat – Danny Cudd 5. God (unreleased edit) – 1 Giant Leap 6. Durga Shakti – Shaman’s Dream 7. Magharibi – Sahalé 8. Forest Wispers – Susannah Darling Khan 9. Naturaleza (Mose Edit) – Danit 10. Fire – Christian Amin Varkonyi & Luis Mendez 11. Shaman’s Song – Ya’Acov Darling Khan 12. Shake It (Shaikh It) – Adham Shaikh 13. Home (Original Mix) – Steffen Kirchhoff 14. Magharibi – Amberfern 15.  The Wheel keeps on turning – Murray Kyle 16. The Earth Prelude – Ludovico Einaudi