We are far more spectecular than being normal


In what time of history did we decided en masse to let people die alone?
What level of fear have we induced in mankind
that we accept social distance and get suspicious of one another?
Who did we become that we let the tyranny of fear
tears apart the very fabric of being human?

The danger that we have right now is not a virus,
nor dark powers creating a new world order.
The danger that we have right now is that we are so afraid of dying
that we have sterelized ourselves from death
and as a result of that, we sterelized ourselves from life

We have created a distance,
much bigger than 1,5 meters,
to our death moment.
We don’t remember the beauty of death,
that breathtaking spiritual experience where we find out, again,
that we are sprititual beings
who played in a body for just a very shot moment in time.

The price for fearing our death and missing its beauty is high:
it makes us missing the beauty of life!
We are missing the beauty
in the eyes of our loved ones
and the face of our children
We are missing the beauty of one another
the friendly touch of a friend
the kiss of our lovers
the breath in a body

We missing all of that and letting people die alone
out of fear for our death
out of fear for some virus
some genetic material floating through the air
as it has done since the beginning of times

We have the wrong story going on
and it is not a conspiracy theory
It is the human emotion of fear for death,
keeping us small
and making us vulnerable to exploitation and manupulation
We never really become the promise we feel deep inside our hearts

We need to re-orient ourselves to death
and therefore to life!
We not only have to put
our medical and financial systems
our food and energy systems
our manufactory and consumerism systems
in line with the biosphere
Above all we need to come to terms with our mortality.

We don’t need a revolution
we need an evolution
we need to evolve to go past our fear of death
and embrace the beauty that is.

Beauty is the fabric of life
the higway that leads directly to Love.
If you feel unloved,
If you have hard times feeling love for yourself or someone else,
then stop trying to generate the feeling of love,
start witnessing the beauty that is
and you will experience love.

We need to see the beauty.
We need to see the beauty of a human breath
We need to see the beauty of a human touch
the beauty of a human smile
the beauty of a human tear.
We need to see the beauty
of a whole biosphere
of a whole planet breathing

When we go back to normal
I pray it is not the old normal
When they say we can go back to our normal activities
I pray we don’t go back to our normal activities

I pray that we act more differently
and see the beauty everywhere
and engage with the beauty most of all in our fellow humanity

Let’s love each other
in the experience of each other’s beauty
and lets realize a much different future
We are not normal

We are far more spectacular than being normal

Geplaatst in Death, Spirituality.